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Authority will be new to mother-of-pearl scarcely, a lot of foreland wait in the Hainan of our country, Guangdong, mother-of-pearl is commonner, when eating mother-of-pearl, everybody must note wholesome problem, before eating must complete1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Processing is clean, the advantage that takes mother-of-pearl is very much, can have the effect that calms the nerves composedly for instance, the method with more popular mother-of-pearl is stew will eat, additional below teach everybody the method that decoct mother-of-pearl has.

Mother-of-pearl how decoct?

Mother-of-pearl how decoct?

In a variety of Chinese traditional medicine, have a lot of invigorate the circulation of blood and hemostatic drug, cite a case, respect of 7 outer injuries uses hemostatic field very more; Want to make the drug of mother-of-pearl blindly to everybody introduction here, mother-of-pearl has diminish inflammation to combat allergic effect, and contain place of a lot of human body must amino acid, sort is very rich, but mother-of-pearl must want to handle ability to be able to be used through special technology, because the itself on mother-of-pearl can contain a few fungus, want to have sterilization first; So mother-of-pearl how decoct? Come along belowA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Know action of the bases of mother-of-pearl, pharmacodynamics and method of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine.

Mother-of-pearl how decoct

[mother-of-pearl bases]

All sorts of mother-of-pearl contain calcium carbonate, contentA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Amount to 80% ~ 90% above; Albumen of calcium of magnesium of Yi Han carbonic acid, phosphoric acid, horn and a variety of elements. Martens pearl shell contains ammonia of acid of acid of ammonia of third of pleasant ammonia acid, third ammonia acid, benzene, bright ammonia, silk in horny albumen acid of ammonia of acid of ammonia of acid of ammonia of acid of ammonia of acid of ammonia of acid of ammonia of acerbity, Xie, Guang, egg, essence, group, cheese 20 more than. Pearl shell place contains microelement and pearl basic and identical.

The pearl of excretive of cuticular cell place of the coat film that pearl layer and pearl all are Mu Bei and pearl bursa pledges place is formed, both burnish, color and composition agree basically.

Mother-of-pearl how decoct?

[mother-of-pearl pharmacodynamics action]

1. is right hepatic action. Martens precious1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The fluid of pearl layer inject such as bead shellfish and mussel of the coronal that lose grain is injured to liver of sex of 4 chloridize carbon have protective effect, can make liver cell is damaged reduce, gu Bingzhuai ammonia restores enzymaticly to accelerate.

2. fights allergic action. The contractive function that the Guinea pig that the hydrochloric acid of Martens pearl layer or vitriolic hydrolyze child all can restrain histamine to cause provides from body bowel. Its ether extracts fluid to be able to restrain the systole that histamine is in charge of to bowel, prevent histamine to cause the shock of Guinea pig and death; The irritability systole that leaves body bowel canal, uterus to Guinea pig has restrain the tendency.

3. other action. Martens pearl shell 30% vitriolic waterShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Solution child contains a variety of amino acid (acid of the ammonia that be like an egg, third ammonia acid) , its do not have action to the ear carapace blood-vessel of hare and blood pressure, but can increase amplitude of heartbeat of toad leaving put oneself in another’s position, reduce pulling force of bowel of hare leaving put oneself in another’s position, have brief diuresis effect to hare. Pink of pearl shell carapace to small rat caruncle 180 have inhibition. Guinea pig of be caused by of the inject after eyeball of physiological saline of lactose of half-and-half of fluid of pearl layer inject is binocular what crystal arises is cricoid and muddy have certain antagonism effect. Should taste contain a large number of calcium carbonate, powder of profess to convinced has neutralize hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and convergent effect. Pearl layer pink is commonly used mix too much at hydrochloric acid in gastric juice ulcer is ill.

Give small rat fill the stomach with pearl powder, can reduce its apparently own activity, and to mother-of-pearl of barbitone of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem the centre of sodium is restrained have apparent synergism; The vitriolic brine of mother-of-pearl sees result, can increase scope of heartbeat of cardiac leaving put oneself in another’s position; The liver loss that mother-of-pearl inject fluid causes to 4 chloridize carbon has protective effect; With stomach of fill of pearl layer pink, should stimulate sexual gastric ulcer to have apparent inhibition to bandicoot.

Mother-of-pearl how decoct?

[mother-of-pearl method of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine]

1. mother-of-pearl, take raw medicinal material, eliminate impurity reachs grey bit, break into pieces.

2. forge mother-of-pearl, take clean mother-of-pearl buy is appropriate inside container, use force fire heats, forge comes crisp, take out put cool, break into pieces.

Pink of 3. pearl layer, outside taking clean mother-of-pearl to use emery wheel abrasion, middle-level, withhold lining (pearl layer) , immerge disinfects 30min in the potassium permanganate of 50 × , reoccupy clear water is abluent, smash, cross 130 eye sieve, water flies, stoving, smash again, after crossing 200 eye to be sifted all right dry can.

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