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Microwave oven this electric equipment is people in daily life very common, its good has a lot of to be able to be used it is food, OK to heat it is the cake that make, OK to be used with will bake a few food to wait a moment. The bowel that bake this is to suffer person gay quite a kind of food smells taste exceedingly sweet, the method that makes the bowel that bake also has a lot of to pass1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Microwave oven also can make the bowel that bake, so how is the bowel that bake baked with microwave oven? Introduce below.

How is the bowel that bake baked with microwave oven?

Microwave oven bakes alvine practice:

1, from freezerShanghai night net

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Take out 4 banger (one person two) , outfit go up in dish, put into microwave oven defrost

2, cut 4 knives each in the both sides on banger body sideways, should not cut paragraph

3, again in replace microwave oven, choose archives of the chicken that bake, bite 4 minutes, the face breaks up to bite 4 minutes again after time arrived, without sear (of our home is Ge Lanshi light-wave furnace)

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4, OK, delicious again delicate

How is the bowel that bake baked with microwave oven?

Small hang

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1, remember delimiting on body of the bowel that bake cut, lest heat,be above all explode noisy in the process, be beautiful next!

2, microwave time need is done appropriately according to the amount of banger and degree of finish adjust.

How is the bowel that bake baked with microwave oven?

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The practice of the bowel that bake:

1, pork 5 jins (fat thin scale is 3:7) , casing half jins (the) of pig small intestine that has handled, cut pork into the small diamonds of 1cm first, 50g of liquor of 10g of 40g of the 40g that use salt, 10g of pink of Chinese prickly ash, candy, pepper, ginger pink 10g, height, red wine 30g of 50 grams, soy, bloat 12 hours.

2, fill makes sausage: drinkShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Expect the before half part of bottle is replaced, cut casing give 1 meter to control a paragraph, make a written guarantee directly, another headgear is on leakage head, because opening has whorl to be fastened with the rope so, OK and relaxed fill was made. Good souse flesh fill enters casing, should install cheek by jowl even, squeeze with the hand close, cannot loosen too or too full. If cross loose meeting to leave available gas to allow easy corruption, if too full a casing is easy burst.

3, left and right sides of every other 20cm plunges into with white filament, edge of flesh of fill wanting a limit is plunged into close, those who discover fill is too loose, plunge into again with respect to the inter.

4, the wet bowel after been plunge into entirely, use fine pinprick, eduction intestinal air, make moisture evaporates easily, hang airing 3 days next.

5, if anxious if eating, try this next tweak that fume bowel quickly: Put the orange skin of airing into the box, building top partly, into microwave oven conflagration heats 1 minute.

6, take out next, embedded airing sausage of 1 day, use orange skin to enclothe sausage, do not have bare share.

7, power of 250W of choice microwave oven that first gear, open a lid this to heat 10 minutes to plant, make orange skin sufficient absorb the moisture of sausage.

8, heat up first ten minutes, take next, continue to choose power of microwave oven 250W again this first gear heats ten minutes, if do not have,do orange skin of course, using has taken earthnut case, melon seeds case also should be no problem.

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