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The one part that makes stream of people marry to still be being done not have still is not quite unfamiliar for the female, because have sex to had made all in the day’s work almost between the youth now, the likelihood is contraceptive job was not accomplished, the result brings about the circumstance that is pregnant accidentally to appear, should go to a hospital naturally doing stream of people, otherwise child even if is born also is to do not have method raise. So, after stream of people 50 days still blood does?

After stream of people 50 days still blood does?

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How does the circumstance that bleeds continuously now do?

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Hind, vaginal haemorrhage is normal phenomenon. Haemorrhage of the vagina after ordinary stream of people lasts 7-14 day, haemorrhage does not exceed menstrual amount, Shanghai night net

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If haemorrhage time exceeded 15 days, reach normal hospital in time with respect to need checkA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Check. The reason that bleeds continuously after ordinary stream of people has the following:

After stream of people 50 days still blood does?

1, childLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Palace antrum accumulates blood: There are blood and clot stockpile inside antrum of the uterus after induced abortion, call uterine antrum to accumulate blood, basically contract to suck the uterus after blowing undesirable be caused by. Go the 2nd times after clear palace, the palace that should give day or 3 above continuously shrinks agent and antibacterial content.

After stream of people 50 days still blood does?

2, the infection after stream of people: Have myositis of endometritis, uterus, attachment commonly phlogistic, pelvic infection, patient expression is mixed for bellyacke, abdominal tenderness bounce is painful, appear for a long time a few vaginas bleed or irregular haemorrhage, look is dark red can accompany peculiar smell. But the basis affects a situation, give antibacterial thing, and complementary with waiting to disease cure, physiotherapy.

3, stream of people is not entire: The vagina after art of stream of people bleeds more than, exceed two weeks more or less, appear celiac dropping of different level is painful with lumbago. B exceeds clew uterus largish, fabric of the group inside palace remains. Need to differ according to the patient circumstance, give corresponding processing, if dilatation and curettage is cleared the embryo inside palace or its adjunct, fight infection to wait.

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