Thunder of shadowboxing antitank grenade: Can say not to suit the match to cannot say I am cheater

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Last week, one is made fun of to say to be by the netizen ” w上海千花网龙凤论坛

ear half an year about, KO10 second ” ” Wu Lin is right definitely ” , caused a netizen to whether be the discussion of legerdemain to traditional wushu.

“Too extremely great master ” Thunder God and ” fistfight maniac ” the graph occupies a network

On April 27, “Too extremely great master ” Thunder God (Lei Lei) with ” fistfight maniac ” Xu Xiaodong is opposite as scheduled in Chengdu definitely, inside 20 seconds, lei Lei admits defeat, ended this to will begin in December from last year about too extremely and contemporary strike the small gain between ” wear about ” .

Right definitely although had ended, but cause a this attention to traditional wushu,upsurge just just begins however —

The netizen cites movie actor’s lines speaks ” time is right definitely ” : “Do not say with me your kongfu has many deep, the master has many fierce, school has many abstruse, kongfu — two words, one horizontal stroke stands, wrong, lay down, standing ability is qualified speech, do you say this word is right? Do you say this word is right??

The netizen comments on check scheme

Still the netizen drew caricature to speak: “Go up objectively I was defeated! Subjective on I was not defeated! Be a road! We tell a truth… “

Returned somebody to break up even in those days the video that Yang Lan interviews Li Lianjie, the Li Lianjie in video agrees: Traditional wushu is — ” beautiful frame work ” .

To this, red star news contacts Lei Lei, ” wushu is right definitely ” the relevant doubt that reachs a netizen undertook interviewing.

Is wushu legerdemain?

“Just do not suit the match, cannot say I am cheater “

And actually, to this ” Wu Lin is right definitely ” , to what appearance they, the meaning differs somewhat.

This is opposite definitely winner Xu Xiaodong is in before dawn released small gain on May 1, bask in gave Ceng Can to add ” Wu Lin congress ” ” Yang Guodong of the knife that chase after wind ” the illicit letter that sends him:

The person that win and the person that be defeated, represented the technical difference between them only, do not represent their horizontal on any account in wushu bound, more the actor 上海同城对对碰交友社区

bad of the school that does not contact on behalf of them. If everybody plants this between the individual of argue be defeated win inspect a fist to plant between tr上海夜网

aditional even wushu and contemporary stricken actor bad, that is off base.

Xu Xiaodong says in small gain, accept Wu Lin the challenge of person of door of each old strike with the palm of the hand, ” the honor of Trojan ” father still will give 1.2 million stake, “Victory or defeat has! ” he says, he is not afraid of be defeated, because he is in the name with people ” make a holiday ” .

After accept a challenge, lei Lei ever sent small gain to say, “Is shadowboxing cheater? Practice the is unidentified truth crazy person of shadowboxing. Use the power of my oneself for the moment, take the chance that the next can discuss to common people. Take the chance that the next can discuss to common people..

Cut of thunder thunder small gain pursues

And after be defeated, he releases small gain to say, oneself are this definitely to ” the opportunity that changed a conversation with blood… say at least too extremely the person of cheater can shut up. ” wushu is not a kind ” beautiful frame work ” , however a kind of lifestyle. A lot of people experienced too extremely later, cannot leave.

Go up about small gain ” the reporter ever experienced in those days ‘ the strongest too extremely shove a hand ‘ Yan Fang is lain between lay a person for nothing ” video, lei Lei tells red star journalist, he ever followed a Beijing old man that has engaged with Yan Fang to had chatted. The old man said to feel the thing that he means on Mr. Yan body.

Lei Lei asks: “He wants, do this follow cheat matter? ” although he does not think,a person can be overturned by a person, “But that individual that is turned is willing to be behaved so. We see TV it may not be a bad idea, see a movie it may no上海贵族宝贝交流区

t be a bad idea, everybody knows be a holiday, but jump without the person,come out to say the film is deceiving people. He is willing to believe, be willing down the director’s reflection means has the motion picture going down, do this make cheat? Do this make cheat??

Any video that we come out in the hair on the net are clicked freely, and the decision does obeisance to division, making money was to know this individual, the thing that saw this person just decides, do this also calculate cheat?

The thing that can say me does not suit arena, do not suit the match, but cannot say I am cheater. We did not cheat anybody. 500 years of it may not be a bad idea, 150 years of it may not be a bad idea, now it may not be a bad idea, the deceit on art of worldly nonexistent practice martial arts and sports, it is the person that wish swallows the bait forever. He is willing he just can be participated in.

Lei Lei tells red star journalist, never become before ” personal enemy ” suffer a defeat, the actual combat that hits haemorrhage even to take hostile mood, of folk too extremely the actual combat that shove a hand is the dot between the friend arrives till. Bilateral stand firm is right push, one party drove additionally one to calculate 爱上海同城手机版

win. Or one party hand is OK get at other one party, the one party that cannot defend was defeated.

Lei Lei still tells red star journalist, before be being interviewed (on May 1 morning) , he just still ended the transcribe of a video that shove a hand. After the spot has reporter experience to shove a hand too, also ” the acknowledge that changed him ” .

Be hype definitely to?

“Earn money, did not concern with me “

Lei Lei tells red star journalist, “Did not think of this 爱上海同城对对碰

thing can be acclaimed so that millions upon millions person all knows, he himself also cannot think of even Xu Xiaodong. Current, “Decisive battle ” video has been watched by a few people. (Xu Xiaodong) spot is attacked made many money, but this did not concern with me. But this did not concern with me..

Lei Lei says, return somebody to want to check his account now, check the phone between he and Xu Xiaodong to contact, illicit of small even gain is believed, but in fact, this thing follows him and did not concern.

To Xu Xiaodong, “This is a business, a program, a show. ” but, the jumping-off place of he and Xu dawn winter is different. “I stand, the sound that gave out me is OK. The sound that gave out me is OK..

Lei Lei says, he stands on arena with Xu Xiaodong, it is the person that two direction moved toward on a road.

Is traditional wushu inferior to contemporary strike?

“Chinese traditional wushu is really washed-up “

“Did not get the better of in your heart, why be defeated again? Why be defeated again??

Lei Lei is very gratified also ground say, the attention that this one battle causes media also is a favour. At least, let everybody know Chinese traditional wushu is washed-up. National anthem place sings resemble, arrived most jeopardy when, people ability stands up. Through this one battle, people can know Chinese traditional wushu ” without appropriate vivosphere, without appropriate soil, do not have methodical education, want remain invincible of Chinese traditional culture, (we) want change mode. (we) want change mode..

Lei Lei says, after be defeated, be oppugned without child or give negative speech. The student feels this teacher is unfeigned, drop tear for him, say ” thunder teacher why do you stand, have what concern with you. Have what concern with you..

On April 19, thunder God accept a challenge

But to Lei Lei, this thing had ended, accept a challenge is to have a finish.

Although such, but did not end to the controversy of traditional wushu. Too extremely and contemporary stricken battle also did not end.

Up to now, red star journalist sees from small gain of Xu Xiaodong, he challenges the palm door person to more traditional wushu.

Look, “All corners of the country ” meet partly temporarily it is quiet not know clearly.

Lin Rong of reporter of exercitation of red star news

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